Amaretto and Hennesea

It was a liquor family.


7 thoughts on “Amaretto and Hennesea

  1. Hey, long time listener, first time caller…

    I love your interest in and transcription of the ridiculous names you encounter… I don’t know if you’ve heard of or read a book called “Freakonomics” but there’s an entire chapter dedicated to the relative effects of a name… you can check out their blog too, its apparently comes up a lot, most recently here.

    Love the writing, keep it up!

    Thomas in VA

  2. You know… there is a legit reason for those (admittedly) fugly balls – you ever try to find a thin black band among a mess of kinky-ass black hair? Trust me, it’s not fun (and my hair is only Italian white girl kinky). But more than three just makes you look like you’re too lazy to actually wash the hair, and instead are trying to make the dandruff look like glitter among all the disco balls.

    I love you, Raging Server. I’d totally be your Raging Partner if it weren’t for the attached (and the gay.)

  3. What I love is that they buy alcoholic drinks yet they can’t splurge and pay the $2.50 so the girl can get a lemonade….wow…

  4. While I find those names amusing, my friend’s kid has a classmate named Clymidia. I guess the parent’s were unaware that they were naming their child after an STD. Then there is the huge controversy in my area because a man named his child God Lucifer. These people are setting their kids up for a lifetime of verbal torture!

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