Kitchen crashes and Whiny…large women

Notice I didn’t use the word fat.


7 thoughts on “Kitchen crashes and Whiny…large women

  1. The tornado screwing up the SEC tourney is why ya’ll got pounded! It was supposed to the the second game on Friday, but when the tornado slammed into the Georgia Dome during the first game, they cancelled the second until Saturday afternoon. Sorry you got a big fat nasty on your birthday. I hope the rest of it went well. Happy Birthday!

  2. Arrrgh! I’m not a small girl, but geez, I’m not fucking rude to anybody…not without the person I’m being rude to meriting it. As in, I told my neighbor to fuck himself when he tried to be so goddamn rude as to try grabbing my boobs.

    Anyway, first problem was that y’all had the UK game going. UK fans SUCK (I ought to know, I’m from Kentucky, and I’m a University of Louisville fan, thankyouverymuch). They’re rude, and they think they’re so much better than anyone else.

    Second problem, obviously these farm animals masquerading as fat women. Human beings learn manners. Farm animals don’t. And for some reason, I have the feeling they smelled like sickly sweet perfumed farm animals. You know, the kind of sickly sweet perfume that a lot of hugely fat women, the kind of fat where you KNOW that things have gotten lost in those rolls before, wear? It’s nasty shit, and I have no idea where they get it.

    Ugh, I’m rambling. Anyway, I feel for you, RS. Really do. Dude, that’s not who you want to have to deal with at work, because they’re always fucking rude, to you and everyone else.

  3. But when the apocalypse happens we shall feast on the flesh of these women. That’s all they are, really. Cattle.

    I’m so sorry they were horrible to you. 😦

  4. They are totally angry at the world because they are fat. Trust me. I work at Curves, and they all come see me after eating 329482938 sides of ranch. Then they don’t actually work out, and they bitch because they aren’t seeing results, and it’s my fault.

  5. “Fat” isn’t actually a “nasty, cruel” word. It’s descriptive. Some people are thin. Some people are fat. What’s “nasty” and “cruel” is thinking of fatness as reflective of “hateful” character.

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