Poll Results, Stupid Name of the Week (3/14)

Let’s just jump right into this week shall we? This week, I wanted to know about your pets, those of you who have pets. Plenty of results here too.

  • Cat(s) (62%, 97 Votes)
  • Dog(s) (49%, 76 Votes)
  • Fish or other swimmers (turtles, eels, etc.) (14%, 22 Votes)
  • None, but I

3 thoughts on “Poll Results, Stupid Name of the Week (3/14)

  1. I’ve never seen most of the stupid names you list…must be a southern thing. 😉 Here are some names from northern part of the country…

    Girls: Le Keisha, Sheveeta, Karnesa, Keshia (Karnesa’s mom), Lawanda, Destini, Larasha
    Boys: Tremel, Tayesean, Oshay

  2. I got some for you. How bout Taramaniqua(f), Radasharian(m), and Quiniqua(f)? I have run into those over the years, the first two were in my daughter’s kindergarten class in Memphis!

  3. Hehe, My name’s Jolinda, although, I haven’t been called that since babyhood. I come from a part of the country where it’s madatory to have two first names. For reasons I can not fathom, I’ve always been called Jo-Dee. I have a cousins named Linda-Jo, two Bobby Joes (one we just call Bubba), Billy Jo, Jo-Lynne, and Carry Jo. I don’t think anyone of them have ever tipped more than three dollars. I once had to leave a sixty dollar tip (on a 200.00 tab) by myself to make up for their bad behavior and the singles they left on the table. They said I was trying to be “high s’diddy”. Sigh.

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