Electronic Express employees suck, Gold Star Wireless in Nashville RULES!

I finally got my cell phone turned back on tonight, after a couple of months of being without.


6 thoughts on “Electronic Express employees suck, Gold Star Wireless in Nashville RULES!

  1. I wonder if those two idiots commissioned sales staffers you passionately berated have a blog about idiot sleep deprived raging customers. Just a thought.

    Lurve you!

    • Queenie » Ya know, Queenie, if those idiot commissioned sales staffers had bothered to fucking do their jobs, instead of blatantly denying me service because they weren’t going to get a commission out of it, I’d have never lost my temper. It was made clear that it’s part of their jobs, but they didn’t bother to do them. Pissed me off, I wanted my damn phone!

  2. Prickly_Pete » Actually, Pete, It’s not the fact that I’m making an hourly rate that I prefer to not serve previous non-tippers, It’s the amount of the hourly rate that I make. I make 2.13 per hour, 3.13 if I have a follow or am shift leading. At Electronic Express, they’re making 10 an hour according to the people I talked to when I called them this morning, so I don’t think it compares as much. If I were working for 10 an hour, I wouldn’t mind the non-tippers as much because I’d have a 400 or more dollar check.

    I’m all for working on commission, but the sales at Electronic Express are down and that’s making their sales people too high pressure and picky. According to their bosses, they are not allowed to refuse to do something for a customer based on the lack of commission. By contrast, state law says that I can legally refuse service for any reason. Different profession, different rules. I have the option, they don’t. The general manager told me that they cannot refuse a request like that, especially if the customer has money or a credit card in hand. They were just out of line, and I might have been a little out of line as well due to fatigue, but that still doesn’t excuse their denial.

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