Poll Results, Stupid Names of the Week (3/21)

Hey everybody, and welcome back to RagingServer.com.

This past poll was on the things that people collect. However, knowing that it was a little limited, I’ve already prepared the next two polls, having to do with collections as well. I figure I’ve hit most of the main collection items, or at least given an answer for the non-collectors to use. After all, I didn’t add the “My collection isn’t on here” answer till a few days in. Without further bullshit, here’s the results:

  • Books (48%, 48 Votes)
  • I collect things, but they

3 thoughts on “Poll Results, Stupid Names of the Week (3/21)

  1. As always, Ribeye, I look forward to your blog like a kid waiting for Christmas. You must feel like you’re trapped in a perpetual Jerry Springer show sometimes.

    Happy Easter to you and Raging Partner from snowy Canada.


  2. How about something truly obscure, like photo-heavy cookbooks from before 1980? You know, the Better Homes and Gardens or the Family Circle encyclopedias, with pictures that resemble autopsies more than beef stews? Or hilarious one-theme ones like Campbell’s 100 anniversary, in which the recipe for potato pancakes involves soup and flour – no potatoes.

  3. Ladestiny is a good one. And Malario too. I guess Malaria would be a female name.

    I wish I could share my own list with you but I’m afraid of what would happen if I set it loose on the internet.

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