Starbucks Tips Lawsuit

I love Starbucks guys, love them. Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha with two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup and 7 shots of espresso. HOWEVER, the California Starbuckers have pissed me off. Not the baristas, no, the company itself. The company that stole tips from the baristas to pay the wages to the shift supervisors.

87 million dollars they stole from their baristas. This billion dollar earning company stole those tips so they could pay the wages to their shift supervisors instead of paying them out of pocket. FUCK YOU STARBUCKS CORPORATE BIGWIGS!

This isn’t a long post, it’s just something I just had to get off my chest.

I’ll still drink Starbucks coffee, it’s not the TN stores that are fucking their barista staff. It’s the California ones. GO GOVENATOR SCHWARTZENAGER! That’s what you get for electing a fucking bad actor to public office, you get corporations stealing from the little guy.


(edit 3/22 — sorry bout there not being a link to the news story before now, I just plain forgot guys.


12 thoughts on “Starbucks Tips Lawsuit

  1. Sounds interesting… but what are you talking about? At least include a link to the story. I mean, I can kind of guess what the deal is, but c’mon man, you’re getting lazy. You can’t just bitch about something (god knows we all like to do that) without sharing a little info on what the bullshit is that you’re bitching about.

  2. I don’t drink coffee so I’ve never set foot in starbucks but any company that rips off their servers is a company that sucks.

  3. According to Bux’ web site all stores do this, not just the ones in CA. I kind of think they have a valid argument, too. Shift supervisors and Managers are different people. Shift supervisors work with the baristas doing the same work. I don’t know the pay structure for baristas and supervisors, but neither are considered tipped employees. They’re both paid at least minimum wage.

  4. personally I do no mind the shift leaders getting tips as any place I worked the difference between shift leader and crew means a lot of responsibility and little pay. I have had jobs where being a shift leader means no pay difference more times than I have been paid a higher wage. And in almost every case the shift leader pay was more simply due to more time on the job.

    They essentially do the same job-hell at the one near my work I couldnt point out who is the manager, who is the shift leader, or the crew are. They all do the same work to my eye and none of em have a nametag ID the noncrew.

    That said its definately wrong for managers who get bonus to get a share of the tips. It is also wrong on the shift leaders if I am reading the news items I have seen on this. Starbucks shouldnt be using the tips they allowed their shift leaders to receive to be used to lower their pay rate by that amount. This allows Starbucks to shirk the taxes liabilities beside they are screwing those employees for the credit they deserve to accrue to their Social Security accounts.

    Now having said what I have would draw the line on shift leaders getting tips IF they got paid 20% more in wages than the crew.

    For this to make a little more sense. If you shared a party with your headwait. DO you get all the tips or do you share it? Most places have shared tips by the bartenders, does the head bartender get to share in those tips?

  5. I searched for an article, outraged the managers were stealing tips. But then I read that shift supervisors perform the same duties, serving customers and making drinks. Why shouldn’t they get a share of the tips?

  6. Ahh, okay. I know a bit about Starbucks, my ex wife worked there for a bit a few years back. The way the stores are staffed is that there’s a store manager and then 3 or 4 “shift leaders”. The shift leaders make slightly more than the other employees, maybe 50 cents or a dollar. When my ex was a shift leader I think she made about $7.50 an hour. This was around ’02 I think. Starbucks is just one of those companies that rakes in billions yet pays their employees very little. I think the real story here isn’t that the tips were shared, but more to the point look at how little these people are paid versus how much a cup of coffee is there.

  7. Um what does the Governor have to do with the corporation’s leaders making bad decisions? If that logic holds true, then we should blame Spitzer’s love of hookers on what is going down on Wall Street.


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