Why do I even bother?

I am finally realizing that I’m not allowed to leave my job any earlier than closing time unless I’m working the day shift.


10 thoughts on “Why do I even bother?

  1. Just curious:

    You hate your job. You seem to be a competent waiter. Are there no other Waiter jobs in your city? Your blood pressure must be through the roof. You shouldn’t put yourself through all that. Find another job and “enjoy” going to work.

    Just my $.02

  2. I have a similar problem. I am the only woman who doesn’t have children so all the others assume that I have no life and that I should close every shift. I have told the boss that I feel that this is discrimination but he’s the type that just hears you out, nods his head and does nothing. So now I just plan to close every shift and if I get off earlier, it’s a gift. What really bothered me about your post was the fact that on employee free day your co-workers trash the place and don’t tip or tip badly. That is so disrespectful to you and your restaurant. Your GM needs to have a meeting about this. Whenever employees get discounts or freebies they should tip fat and leave the place as they found it. That is usually a company policy. I’m sure that the corporate office would be really angry to hear about this abuse of the servers and their store.

  3. Ribeye,

    My advice is upgrade your work environment. Get away from the ghetto/red neck attractants. Bowling and games my god the only way it could be worse is if you had go carts too!!

    Personally I would recommend as nice a steak house as you can get to hire you. The menu is simple and it has a defined pace to the dining experience given steak cook times. People willing to spend $25-40 for a piece of meat KNOW how to tip. The good places arent even open for lunch. Lets here it for no DOUBLES!

    This means you will have to quickly determine who you can be your Ribeye self and those that prefer silent unobstrusive service. Plus to get good sales numbers you will need to get down the wine list.

    I think in the last steakhouse I worked for 18 months I was stiffed one time due to a complete FUBAR on the kitchen side of things.

    Yes you will get loads of self entitlement junkies galore but these guys have money to burn. Consider this four top in your place with a 10% tip not sure what your per person average is. Versus a place where $50 per person(lowish for steak) on a four top for $200. If they only tipped 10% you made $20. Thats more than your ghetto table that refused a gratuity.

    Just my 2 cents and hang in there on the ghetto Easter by some miracle I didnt get scheduled a double.

  4. I think you’re right. We make our children’s baskets and have a family dinner at home to celebrate. I couldn’t imagine trying to contain children after an easter egg hunt in a restaurant. =X

  5. The longer you work in a job you hate the lower your self esteem becomes.

    You are obviously an accomplished server, but the place you work in sounds awful, do yourself a favour, find somewhere else, and as Ray says, start enjoying your job. x

  6. Haha! Food industry does suck my friend. Oh yea, for all you people who tell someone to change jobs when they work in a restaurant, that is like telling someone to change taxis in the middle of the trip. Takes longer to get where you want, and it was pointless to change. Most restaurants are the exact same, you have your bitches and dicks, bad managers and trashy client

  7. Ribeye, you should come down to Texas. We only get old people and hicks where I work, and although they suck most of the time, they are nowhere near as bad as the customers you deal with. And the hicks are usually farm hands who are at least polite.
    I honestly don’t know how you put up with these customers and co-workers. You deserve better.

  8. I’m appalled that the staff in your restaurant trashes the place and tips poorly when they come in for employee night. Assuming they get a discount, they should tip you on what the bill would have been! I worked for Red Lobster (where I learned all about the dining “etiquette” of ghetto trash), and the only staff that left poor tips after receiving discounts were usually hosts/hostesses (i.e. teenagers), and non-English speaking BOH guys. Ribeye, I don’t know how you do it. I only lasted about 8 months, and RL closes at 10 pm most nights.

    Though your unhappiness provides me with endless hours of entertainment (sorry), I will be very happy when you leave that trashy place for the greener pastures and tip income you so clearly deserve. I’m sure you’ll find plenty to blog about regardless. Entitle-itis effects people at all socioeconomic levels.

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