Parents: Train your Groin Sprog Properly!

I get so sick of going into work and having to deal with teenagers that have been set loose by their uncaring, negligent parents.


4 thoughts on “Parents: Train your Groin Sprog Properly!

  1. I apologize, because I may have been one of them back in high school. We had drill competitions and I only had like $20 for food, so after eating all day and then going out to dinner I’d only be able to leave like $1 or so.

  2. 55 kids, I would have auto-grated the party! The place where I work we can only grat parties of 8 or more. Last year during the holidays they changed that to reservations of 8 or more because there were a lot of 8+ reservations that would show up with only 5-6 people.

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