I can only hope.

Sitting at RagingPartners job and waiting for him to get off, it’s 11pm here in Nashville.


5 thoughts on “I can only hope.

  1. Yes, they were loud – but luckily not too rowdy… at least not yet 🙂 I’ll try to not send them your way. I’m leaving the pool open so they can swim and not disturb the other guests.

  2. “These kids think going to church and constant prayer gives them leave to act however the fuck they want to act.”

    I think this sums up a lot of adult Christians, too. My inlaws are very religious. I’ve heard worse things come out of their mouths than any whore or drug dealer. One comment that left me gobsmacked was, “The worst thing we as a country ever did was educate the Indians.” The same dinner conversation also included the fact that his parents, in their early 60’s had bought a nice fifth wheel and he was pissed because “they’re spending my inheritance.”

    God must shake His head.

  3. I too find that the Christian teens in my area have a huge sense of entitlement. I really don’t know where this comes from as I know many Christian parents and they don’t have the same attitude. I’m sure that they would be horrified to see how some of their kids behave in public when unchaperoned. What’s even scarier is that one day these teens will be raising their own kids.

  4. One possibility: they are all acting like PKs, Preacher’s Kids, and getting all the high expectations of their parents and pastors out of their little systems while they are under-supervised and can get away with it. I would take some photos, find out what church they are from, and narc on them. While most of the parents you deal with might not give a hoot what their kids are up to, Nazarenes are pretty darned conservative and it might do some good. At least it might get more chaperones for the next field trip.

    And on the off-chance that you don’t like to be a tattle-tale, remember, you’d be doing any child a favor to help that child get rid of his sense of entitlement.

  5. I very much dislike delivering to those folks. Seriously, they are annoying, grab the box out of your hand, and run off. I have to practically beat the door down to get an adults attention and payment. Oh, and they never tip. Anything dealing with teens or kids. Never tip. Period. Or churches….occasionally a pamphlet…but I’m out earning my rent and such…my soul is my own problem, I don’t need my customer worrying about it.

    I think my favorite thing is when the non-tipping pamphlet givers try scamming us into a free pizza.

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