Jesus Wept…

I think it was in the movie Barber Shop though it could have been one of the Friday series, but it was a quick prayer, given by Ice Cube.

In my years of serving, and being in the service industry in general, I’ve gotten to see many people in many different groups praying in many different ways.


14 thoughts on “Jesus Wept…

  1. I just say, “Thanks” and be done with it. I know who I am talking to, He knows who I am talking to, nuff said. It annoys me how some people look like they are praying just to put on a show for the others around them. Fakers!

  2. You know, I’ve never heard of “Jesus Wept” being used as a prayer. Rather, I’m only familiar with it as a form of swearing. Huh.

    The practices of some Christians disturbs me. I’ve known a great many who’re totally cool, but then there are those who are aggressive about their beliefs. I figure it’s one thing if a family knows the server (like, from church, say) and includes them in their prayer, but to do that to a stranger? Yeah… That’s making a huge assumption which is also pretty arrogant.

    It brings to mind an incident my Buddhist brother had with a Catholic woman. She kept trying to get him to come to Catholic events, until he finally said, “Look, that’s not my faith, stop sending me these notices.”

    Her reply, “Don’t be small minded.”

    Uh huh – because being anything but Catholic is small minded. *Side note: my brother and I were both raised Catholic, so it’s not like he’s unaware of what Catholicism is.*

  3. My maternal grandfather used to say this little ditty:

    “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; whoever eats the fastest gets the most!”

  4. I, quite frankly, am tired of the rude ass christians where I work. They talk down to you on Sunday’s (“why are you not at church??” “um, so i can serve your self righteous ass.”), leave Jesus pamphlets in place of cash tips, and in general just amaze in the way that they can leave a place of worship and treat their servers like shit.

    We have to two waves of Sunday folk where I work. first, it’s the white “christians” that let their loud ass children behave like wild monkeys while the parents refuse to look you in the eye unless it’s to give you a holier than thou smile because you are going to burn in hell and they aren’t.
    the second wave is the black “christians” who come in large groups, drink strawberry lemonade and mango teas, have the manners of ogres, then complain to a manager so they can get half their food for free.

    and the praying people…. i had a table once that wanted to know if i had anything they wanted them to pray about. i said “yeah, pray for a big tip”. RUDE! i am not a christian and do not need your prayers. you can pray til you are blue in the face for all i care, but you have no idea what my beliefs are, so keep it to yourself.

    the christians can be out of control sometime, i live in the south though so it might be a bigger problem here than in other parts of the US. i refused to wait on a table once when i saw a book on it that said “the homosexual problem and god’s way to solve it”. some people are just disgusting. leave your hate propaganda in the car please.

    and leave your religion out of my life, especially when i’m just doing my job..

  5. Honestly, prayer at home is different for us than prayer in public. It is not a good thing (and it’s mentioned in the Bible) to draw attention to yourself during prayer…trying to look all spiritual-like. I’m Greek Orthodox….so prayer at home is lengthy. But in public “The Lord’s Prayer” (Our Father who art in heaven…) is okay. Sometimes it’s even only a quick cross over my food. I can’t stand it when certain people make a big show of how religious they are because they hold hands and say a LONG prayer before they eat.
    And by the way…”Jesus wept” is a verse from the Bible..the shortest verse in the Bible. John 11:35

  6. There’s always the Catholic classic:
    “Bless us o Lord in these thy gifts which we are about to receive, from thy bounty through Christ our lord.”
    And then there’s my partner’s dad’s version:
    “Bless us o Lord in whatever this is…”

  7. Ours is short and sweet and only done at home.
    Please bless this food for which we are about to receive. Amen. (sign of cross)

  8. I like to consider myself a “normal” Christian. I will pray with my family before meals at a restaurant, and it will take about 10-15 seconds.

    I would never think to include the server. That’s just weird.

    Though I consider myself devout and am grateful for the Lord’s blessings, I wouldn’t want to get too emotional saying grace at a restaurant.

    And 7 minutes is really overly long for a prayer before a meal.

    I wouldn’t ask the server what I could pray about for them. I wouldn’t leave a tract since that’d be out of place.

    That’s too bad that Dustin has had bad experiences with those two waves of Christians. I don’t think we’re all like that. I treat servers with respect and cordiality. I was a waiter once so I know exactly what it’s like.

    About the homosexuality issue, that’s certainly a hot button issue. But we Christians didn’t make up our own stance. We believe it’s God’s position, as expressed in the Bible. But with practically everything else sexual, human beings have chosen their own way instead of God’s.

  9. BitterDustin, I will readily admit that Jesus nor God literally wrote the Bible with their own hands. (I will also readily admit that we don’t even have the original manuscripts for the Old and New Testament books.)

    But generally we Christians believe that God’s (Jesus’) will was communicated quite clearly to his many prophets in the Old Testament period (ie. Moses, Isaiah, etc) and in the New Testament period (Matthew, John, Paul, Peter, etc). In turn, these various faithful followers of God recorded His dealings with people and the things He said over centuries. Ultimately, the church believes that the Bible contains exactly what God wanted written and that it is an accurate expression of His beliefs, from cover to cover. So yes, the Bible was written by human beings, but they are divine words to us, thus expressing God’s position on homosexuality and other issues.

    Jesus never said anything about gays, you’re right. But the “argument from silence” is not an argument. It’s just what it is: silence. But Jesus clearly stated what marriage was all about–a man and a woman. And the whole Bible, which, again, I contend to be an expression of God’s/Jesus’ will, is quite clear in condemning homosexuality.

  10. dude, i’m seriously going to do the whole religious argument here… i was raised southern baptist man… you can’t tell me anything that hasn’t been driven into me through years of emotional and mental abuse through zealous and oppressed christians. i have BEEN there. believe me. the fact is, the “word” of god is the word of man. written and rewritten time and time again, be it through politics and/or basic justification of how modern day christians want the world to reflect the teachings of a man who has no say over what said “word” has to do with his meaning. if jesus were here, he would spit on the hate of christians today. love knows no limits.

  11. BitterDustin, it’s really unfortunate and regrettable that your past church experience left you describing it as “years of emotional and mental abuse”. I’m sure Jesus weeps over that. Church was never intended to be a place of suffering, to say the least.

    I believe the Southern Baptist denomination is good and legitimate, but sometimes individual parents (or churches) can be overzealous and domineering and destroy the seeds of faith in a person’s life.

    I believe you when you say you’ve “BEEN” there. It sounds like it has left you bitter, as your online namesake suggests. I just wonder, however, if these memories color your understanding of the doctrine of the Bible as the word of God. (Just as if one is molested by a Catholic priest, it will certainly affect one’s perception of the Catholic Church, but we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bath water.)

    I think that if one takes an objective and unbiased look at the Bible, one will see that it has been translated by committees of dedicated scholars seeking to preserve the original meaning and sense of the Biblical manuscripts, without prejudice or politics. Basically, they’re just trying to do a good job of translating.

    You’re right, Jesus would probably be upset with the hate of Christians today. I don’t like it when Christians come off as hateful either. But there’s still a fine line between hate and standing up for what we believe God is saying through His word, the Bible.

    Maybe I’m interpreting you too broadly, but love DOES have limits. Love does not allow you to do whatever you want.

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