Total Exhaustion

My weekend from Hell is finally over.


5 thoughts on “Total Exhaustion

  1. My last year or two of waiting tables I had to put my foot down and refuse to work doubles. My body just couldn’t cope with the lack of sleep or the knee pain anymore. I got lots of grief from my managers, but after making the point that none of them ever work more than ten hours in a day and never more than 5 days a week they finally got the point. No one can expect you to do more than they aren’t willing to do themselves.

  2. I can relate. I’ve been working several doubles in the pharmacy over the past few weeks. Even with a decent sleep, 5 hours is still not enough. Can I recommend some Melatonin to help you sleep? It’s available in any pharmacy. It’s your body’s natural sleep hormone, so it’s not addictive and won’t give you that hangover feeling in the morning. It’s especially good if you can only get 5-6 hours of sleep. Hope this helps. Dose vaires by manufacturer, so read the bottle.

  3. remember you can take 2 benadryl at a time too!

    I have been fortunate and except when my employer really needed a am shift covered I only worked nights. During slow times money gets tight you just have to stay late and close more. But the lack of bad knee pain and stress reduction made my night income increase enough to not need lunch shift income. Just tell the bastards you are taking morning classes and arent available or that you have another job during the day.

    And Amy 5 hours isnt a good sleep. I certainly dont want you on 5 hrs sleep on a double shift want you compounding my meds, selecting and counting out my pills, etc.

    But Raging I believe is indicating besides doing double duty at work was staying up late reading his latest Feist novel. As an avid reader more than once I didnt put down a book I should have.

  4. If you like Raymond Feist novels (I do as well) you ought to give L.E. Modesitt Jr.’s “Recluce” Saga…
    Very entertaining. he has a different approach to what is Black magic and White Magic… Also, any Ed Greenwood book involving Elminster is a must read..

    I enjoy your blog very much… please keep writing!

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