Ate up with the DUMBASS!!

Wow, has it really been over a week since I made a post that wasn’t just “filler”?


7 thoughts on “Ate up with the DUMBASS!!

  1. i had a black lady this weekend send back her mojito because it contained soda.
    “Did you make this with soda? I dont like soda!”

    She then says she had one at Cool River and they dont use soda. Now based on the lady in question’s table poise I had to wonder who picked up the tab as Cool River is far from cheap and I have a friend who bartended there and they dont do odd ball drink recipes either.

    So I explain that the key to a mojitos taste and mouth feel ie its lightness and being refreshing is from the soda. I finally get her to explain that the drink also isnt sweet enough.

    Thus after 5 mins I teach her to order her mojitos with sprite no soda in the future-if she can rem all that next time. Im not holding my breath.

    But I hear you Ribeye its hard to deal with people who have no clue to what their ordering. Personally I might if it was slow gotten the bartender to loan me a can of cranberry and a bottle of Absolut and a bottle of well vodka and poured her a blend of the 2 vodkas over ice and then added the cranberry esp after hearing her remark to her man except for the fact now you dont habve to deal with her dumb ass in the future.

  2. Are you able to keep a straight face when stuff like this happens? I’d be in trouble immediately because I would think that she was trying to have fun with me.

  3. why don’t people know what the fuck they are ordering BEFORE they order it.

    yes, i know usher sang about patron in a song, however you should know that patron is fucking expensive and don’t act surprised when the shot comes out to about 8 dollars you ghetto bastards….

    thank god we don’t serve hypnotiq where i work.

  4. I had an opposite problem. I was a bartender in the Virgin Islands for a while and on one of my rare days off I went to a local bar for a margarita. Being a very transient area, there are many novices working at the bars during season and the one mixing my drink was one of them. She made my margarita with tequila, Sprite and a splash of sour. I told her that this wasn’t anything close to what I ordered and she said, “I’m the bartender here and this is a margarita. You just don’t know what you ordered.” I told her that this drink was more like a “popper” and not only was I a bartender, I had lived in Mexico for a few months so I knew what I was talking about. She told me that I still had to pay for it whether she made a new one “my way” or not since I had ordered it and she made it correctly. Where do these dummies come from?

  5. I had something like that once. A guy ordered a chicken fried steak and was pissed that it was fried beef.

    I explained to him that chicken fried steak, means a steak, fried like chicken.

    then he proceeded to eat it all, then complain to the Mngr afterwords. I’ll quote the boss the best when he said ” CHI-KEN fried STEAK, it’s made with cow asshole!”

    But, when you own the place you can get away with that, hehe.

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