“I’d give you a tip, but…”

It didn’t happen until the end of the night that I started getting people who pissed me off.


4 thoughts on ““I’d give you a tip, but…”

  1. One thing my parents made sure I knew about, was tipping. They took my sister and I out to dinner often and explained how servers do not make money except for the tips they get from the customers they serve. I was taught that 15% is good, 20% is better, and if I can’t leave a tip, I don’t need to be going out because obviously I can’t afford it. Why people today can’t figure that out must obviously be a matter of upbringing.

  2. I cringe every time I go out with my husband’s parents. They reluctantly tip 15% to the penny, even if the service is outstanding and his father has said that he would tip 10% if he could get away with it. He actually told me (a server whose income is shared by his son) that he wishes that servers would get paid minimum wage so that he wouldn’t have to tip at all. If he wasn’t such a cheap moron I would have found that remark insulting. He was shocked when I told him that no one would serve or put up with customers for minimum wage and that the price of his meal would also go up at least 200%. He still won’t tip fat but at least he doesn’t bitch about leaving a tip anymore.

  3. Group dynamics are weird. I feel bad for the cool gal, knowing what jerks her friends are.

    I ended up going out, once, in a group like that where I knew one of the four of us. The two guys were dumbasses. I left a %50 tip on my check to compensate for the %0 they left on theirs. Fortunately, that was the first and last time I ever had the “pleasure” of their company.

  4. Her LIT was too strong? WTF? That is my drink (when I am in the mood to really drink) and even I can’t figure that one out. You don’t order a LIT unless you are looking for a good buzz (at the least) so there is no such thing as too strong. Strange girl or major bitch.

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