Kids meals are for KIDS

I don’t know what it is lately, but the end of the night at my job has just fucking sucked the past few days!


5 thoughts on “Kids meals are for KIDS

  1. While supplimenting my megar income in college, I worked at a fast food place that had a special on kids meals every Tuesday. They were half price. Being a college town, every Tuesday I got almost 250 students on my shift trying to tell me they were supposed to buy half price kids meals and take them home to their “siblings”. These were the same people would later see down the road at the park chowwing down on all the kids meals they had just bought. Frickin’ cheap asses!

  2. WAY TO GO MANAGER for cutting your legs off at the knees. What a spineless f*ck. I’d be more pissed at HIM than the cheap B*TCHES you had to endure. (Love the name though…) CLASSIC!

  3. yeah, I’m not going to lie either. The “joey sirloin” at Outback Steakhouse is the *perfect* serving size for me. A larger portion would be totally wasted. But fyi, I always make a mental note of the “adult size” version of the meal, and tip accordingly.

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