Night shifts are starting to suck

It’s not all night shifts, just some of them.


5 thoughts on “Night shifts are starting to suck

  1. Next time just stick to your guns with the “Not serving kids.”, thing. It will save you pain and aggevation. Just remember, that old song is true…… the freaks come out at night!!

  2. Wow, Raging Server, you really need to find a less-ghetto place to work. It seems like you get a lot of those people where you are right now.

  3. That’s really odd … I work in a casino and we just had the same night at work. Go up to a table, take their order, REPEAT IT BACK, bring it out, “where’s my fucking Miller Lite.” I mean, these people would look at me and say, “No, I’m all set” and then bitch me out when I didn’t bring them anything. Every table was like that, all night long. I feel your pain.

  4. Writing phonetically makes your posts really hard to read. Half the time, I don’t understand what it is your customers say that make you so angry. For the sake of clarity, could you keep the bad grammar but spell correctly?

  5. Something’s wrong with Black America. Why are 99% of the Black Americans I meet ghetto trash??? No wonder the world thinks they’re a joke.

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