Students of Whites Creek High in Nashville

I just want all you little ghetto assed girls know that you sorely misrepresented your school tonight.


3 thoughts on “Students of Whites Creek High in Nashville

  1. matt you dont understand how bad high schoolers can be when in the their natural pack order. They just fed off each other til they become obnoxious shits. Picture running amuck 6 year old loaded up on soft drinks with smart ass mouths mixed in with lots of giggling.

    Personally I havent had any trouble with prom attendees because I usually wait in a place with a price point to keep out the gutter trash. Ragin seems to love to inflect upon his self. Self flagulating martyr that he is. Thank god my current place doesnt draw them in for prom as it could get bad indeed.

    oh Raging what is a giant ankle holder anyway????

  2. Why should Raging Server give them a pass because they are young? Presumably if you are old enough to go to a prom, you should be able to behave in public and not NEED be watched by your mommy. Running out on a check is an old stunt, and I’m sure RS has waited enough tables to be able to pick runners out from normal customers.

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