I really hate to use RagingServer as a place to bitch about my political beliefs, but I just can’t help it.


24 thoughts on “Recession

  1. Right now the economy just plain sucks. First it was cutting out extras and now I’m having to take off little things such as little snacks we keep around in the cupboard. All because of the cost of gas.

    I won’t even start in on the prices in the grocery store now. It’s absolutely insane and pisses me off badly.

    I hear you, I really do. And that stimulus package is going into the bank to be used for rent and bills. I’m not stupid, after the money is gone I’ll still have food, gas and bills to pay for.

  2. Do you think having another Democrat in office is going to be a good thing? Granted, the republican choice isn’t that great either (sigh, I hate this war), but Hillary wants to have universal health care – where’s that money going to come from? Taxes! Woohoo!

    Also, don’t try to assume that we’ll just “tax the big corporations”. Corporations will do what they can do maintain or increase profit – which means that if we tax them, they’ll tax us right back with higher retail prices, underpaid corporate employees, and lower product standards.

    It’s just too bad I can’t forfeit my taxes until we have a government I can agree with.

  3. I’ll agree with that statement Ribeye in a sense that people who can’t afford to be taxed shouldn’t be taxed. However, there’s a problem happening in this country where people are really just spending beyond their means in the form of Credit Cards, loans, etc. to the extent that had they not went through and bought all the junk they really didn’t need, they could afford to pay.

    I really think there needs to be a mind shift into how we perceive government as it stands. Personally, I’d like to see a more voluntary form of government that allows you opt in or out of various social programs. For example – if you want your kids to go to school, you’ll pay for it.

    But what about welfare? Well, I really don’t see a place for it. Government sponsored handouts may feed the hungry, but it’s not like a set of non-profits couldn’t do the same. Humans don’t need Papa Government to force them to be generous.

  4. you failed to note that the 200 mil to help poor in the world buy food was CAUSED by the ill conceived bio fuel craze-cereal grains which form the basis of majority of the diet have doubled or more recently. This includes wheat.

    Also in the most recent issue of Discover they discussed how the carbon footprint for increased bio fuel crops released more carbon than the natural ecosystem before the bio fuel production started. In many cases it was rain forest that was cleared to plant the corn. Brazil and Asia are prime examples.

    Imran-you got to be kidding opt in social programs-immediately a huge % of the retired who failed to save for their retirements will STOP paying school taxes since they have no kids in school. The poor wont support school taxes and now you have created a totally uneducated underclass yet you would eliminate welfare?

    Any guess on how many would opt to fund their local libraries? How many will pay their hospital taxes-out in the rural parts of the country this is the only reason they have local hospitals.

    Tho I do agree FOLKS need to live with IN their means, ie minimize their credit cards.

    Fortunately I live in a part of the country where the housing bubble didnt burst and we have a boom going on in the energy sector (86K jobs created last year and most paying 60+ hrs per week).

    IN closing I have said this ever sense my dad asked my opinion during the original Clinton Bush election -all the candidates suck ass its just a matter of selecting the lesser evil.

  5. If it makes you feel any better foreign food aid is usually (read always) linked to a stipulation that the food must be purchased from the country providing the aid. At the end of the day it works out to being a method to support farmers at home while appearing charitable. As for the war in Iraq the only way that was to bring in money is when they have to pay their debts for the rebuilding effort… Let’s face it that money will mostly end up in the hands of a few corporate heads and corrupt officials. I can sympathize with your complaints, hell this recession is hitting us all hard, but the reason for it is that the real value of companies out there is nowhere near what they are valued at. The bubble was bound to pop at some point, it sucks that it’s happening now, but it would be worse if it happened later.

  6. I agree with your general opinions here, I think you are wrong about McCain not having a chance against either Democrat. Hillary activates Republicans against her and turnout doesn’t have to always be good. I think if she gets the nomination, the election will be extremely tight, and I think McCain really does have a shot at pulling it out. She is the one thing that will increase Republican turnout in the fall(more than their candidate), and they are crossing their fingers hoping she’s the nominee.

  7. Does anyone realize that if Hillary is elected, then we will have had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House, as either prez or vp, for the past 28 years?! That frightens me! It makes our democracy look more and more like a monarchy, and the public has been caught up between the Stuarts and the Tudors.
    That being said, I don’t want the federal gov’t to get any bigger. We don’t need big brother, we need a fiscally conservative gov’t to pull itself out of its debt. I agree with jtn, if Hillary gets the nomination, McCain will draw the vote of every single Republican in the nation. They will come out in droves to prevent her from being elected.

  8. When the government fails to care for its own, the government will be overthrown. History will repeat itself. It is just a matter of time before either they fix the problem, or the problem will fix itself.

  9. Much of the world spends over 80% of their income on food while we spend about 10%, and of those people, many live on less than $2.00 a day. The increasing price of food worldwide is putting millions in danger of starvation. Americans seem to over estimate our international giving while among the rest of the world we are notoriously stingy with our foriegn aid. Almost every developed country in the world gives more. Yeah, things are harder now, but things are a whole lot harder in other countries. Yeah, I have to cut back, but so what? If the United States can’t show some good will and human kindness, even in hard times, I don’t want to be an American. And I’m not rich, I’m a waitress.

  10. Long time reader, first-time poster, I’ll preface this by saying I love your blog and have read damned near all of the historical posts.

    That said: I find it hard to fault $600 million in foreign food aid to buy wheat and rice for starving, impoverished foreigners when that’s less than the cost of TWO DAYS of the war in Iraq ( – $341.4 million per day.)

    I’m also pretty taken aback at your statement that “America isn’t ready for a black President.” I’ve read your racially-charged posts and don’t believe you’re a racist, at all. I find popular ghetto culture to be distasteful as well, but Barack Obama is about as closely related to Lil’ Wayne as you or I. The guy was an IL State Senator from 1997 to 2004, and a US Senator since that time. Hillary Clinton has been a US Senator since 2001. Prior to that her “experience” stems from being the first lady. Put in simple terms, your partner works the front desk at a hotel. You’ve, no doubt, heard his complaining about stupid guests, etc. Does that mean you could walk in to his hotel tonight and start taking reservations and processing payments? It’s doubtful. My last girlfriend was a massage therapist. Dating her does not qualify me in any way to perform massage therapy.

    Barack Obama is not perfect, and does not deserve to go uncriticized. However, he treats the American Public as though they are adults, he speaks of important issues, and generally avoids mindless sound-bites and platitudes. The question is not his race, the question is: “Is America ready for an honest and intelligent President?”

    – R

  11. Jo Bee,

    If we really wanted to fix the problem with food shortage, we’d spend our money on actually getting affordable, sustainable, replenishable food sources in our country and third world countries. We’d fix this galloping surge in gas prices (which affect the prices of food tremendously). We’d not just “send money.” That’s irresponsible.

    Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

    But we can’t do any of the above…that might hurt rich people who prey off the poor. And that would be downright un-American.

  12. I’m not so sure why we keep using collectivist terms as “classes”, when people are individuals and education is more than just some magic band-aid that will help bring people out of poverty. If education was made optional and self-paid, those who truly want to learn and are willing to learn would shine through while those who simply “go through the motions” and essentially put a drain on the system will be able to work on their own. However, the problem now arises when so many jobs these days require Government certification – and these certifications might even require – you guessed it – a high school diploma. The prophecy fulfills itself.

    As for getting food to other countries, I totally agree with the notion that dumping bags of rice on a country may placate the hungry mob for a few weeks, but it won’t do anything in the long run. The key is to let innovation shine through and let enterprising individuals keep their own money to develop crop growth solutions that will fill this socio-economic gap.

    Finally, let me just elaborate the reason why I don’t agree with the tax system as it stands – it’s completely motivated by force. If I don’t pay my taxes, someone comes to my house, kicks my door in, and threatens to lock me up in a cell. To me, this forced action is no better than theft at gunpoint – regardless of how shiny the thief’s badge is.

  13. I so totally agree that the world has to come with new sustainable ways to feed the hungry, but, in the short term, I don’t think anyone should starve. We should help with both. We have enough.

  14. Imran Malek,

    Your comments would send us back to the Dark Ages. The time of the unenlightened where an elitist society dictated everything that happens (even moreso than today). There would be no middle class and there would be no poor…only serfs and slaves.

    Not that we expected anything less with a handle like Imran Malek…Excuse me, I need to go hang myself now…I’m gay. 🙂

  15. the funny part is, most americans don’t seem to care or at least they don’t let it affect their spending.

    my mom asked if the recession has affected business at my restaurant. i told her no, americans are still just as lazy when it comes to cooking food for themselves. they would rather spend money that could buy them a weeks worth of groceries on ONE meal rather than to stay home and do it themselves.

    i hate to call these people my fellow citizens sometimes, although these are the same folks that drive in SUVs with “support our troop” magnets. but hey, what are you gonna do other than shake your head?

  16. i hold no hope for this country or for this world. you people are complete idiots. your arguments hold no water and the things you worry about dont matter. you just cant wait until the USA is a socialist dictatorship.

    “people who can afford to be taxed”?

    rest assured that when the government, in its infinite wisdom, decides who can and cannot afford to be taxed, you will be included in their list of those who pay up.

    hope you can afford it!

    you make me sick.

  17. Jimmy – I’m glad that my name provided sufficient detail as to who I am. Regardless of your supposed religious or political implications behind my name, I am staunch believer in personal freedom and liberty, if you’re gay or straight, great! If you want to hang yourself or live, great! As long as you don’t encroach on my personal freedom I will give you carte blanche to do whatever you want!

    On that same note, if someone forces me to allocate my hard earned dollars in a way that I may not agree with (my tax money kills people). I will not be happy.

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