Change of Poll

Well, based on the unpopularity of the Energy Drink poll, and the differing opinions you all have on the “Assault by T-shirt” post, I’ve decided to change this weeks poll.


3 thoughts on “Change of Poll

  1. I think you are so right about the guy starting crap just for the sake of starting crap, but still…the guy with the shirt could have had the same intention. Wearing a provocative shirt just for the sake of the brouhaha it can start. Still, it was his right to wear it and he wasn’t in an establishment that caters to kids. Now if he had been in a Chuckie Cheeses with that shirt, I would have questioned the management not kicking him out.

  2. blondefabulous » Sometimes one or two slip through the cracks. It’s taken care of, and thanks for letting me know. In 2,000 comments, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the spam. However, Akismet helps out a lot.

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