“Ice, and Liquah..Cigarette….and….Foodstamp..”

Thinking about last night, I started also thinking about a Shirley Q. Liquor “song” called Ice and Liquor.


14 thoughts on ““Ice, and Liquah..Cigarette….and….Foodstamp..”

  1. I actually applied for EBT recently, having been fired from my engineering job, but I wouldn’t try to use the card in a fucking restaurant! It’s gonna be bad enough to use it at the grocery store 🙂

  2. Seriously? Fucking food stamps? Perhaps the government should issue an IQ test before giving food stamps to people?

  3. They didn’t pay cash to start off with because they wanted to see if they could get away with a free (to them) meal.

    I despise getting behind people in the grocery store that buy a cartful of food with their EBT card and then pull out a wad of cash to pay for another cartful of beer and wine.

  4. Certain items, such as liquor and cigarettes are excluded from the food stamp program. Of course they knew that but they probably thought that you didn’t and that they could pull one over on you. I am constantly amazed by how low your clientele will stoop. You must have the patience of a saint!

  5. No offense to Anon, but the reason the use EBT is because they ARE too stupid to feed themselves. Food stamps just thwart Darwinism. If they are too stupid or lazy to get a job to earn money to feed themselves, they don’t deserve food stamps. Or, at the very least, have a time limit or some such to prevent people from living their entire lives on food stamps. If you’re between jobs, like anon, that’s one thing, i.e., hopefully temporary. But when you get a bunch of ghettoskanks who have gone out of their way to be ignorant and repulsive, then they don’t deserve food stamps.

    And another thing, I disagree with giving them an EBT card instead of actual vouchers. There used to be a stigma for being on welfare. But now it’s a badge of honor for the ghetto and trailer trash types. Using an EBT card gives them the illusion that they are just like the hard working taxpayers who are paying for their food, instead of the leeches on society that actual food stamp vouchers would show them to be.

  6. This is what happens when you give people stuff for free and have no expectations for them. This society only has itself to blame for letting this continue.

  7. I’ll agree with the other posters about not giving out food stamps, so long as they agree to shoot handicapped people and the elderly. They are obvious burdens to society and in a Darwinistic world would have been eaten long ago.

  8. here’s a better question: why are my tax dollars paying for these parasitic wastes of flesh?

    jimmy – james: elderly people are generally able to speak the english language and contribute to society in some way before sucking my wallet dry with social security and medicaid. the handicapped are not, as a group, worthless.

    the people in this post, however, are completely worthless. they will do nothing to deserve government benefits and the only thing they will accomplish in life is to eject a few more worthless crotch spawn to continue the cycle.

    the handicapped and elderly are fine by me. its the ghetto trash that i’ll agree to shoot.

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