Round Table vol. 19

RoundTable - Service Industry Blog Carnival


Welcome back to for the 19th edition of The Round Table. I’ll be your host this week. I’m again going to have to redo the schedule, being that some of the people who are scheduled to host haven’t blogged in months. Oh well, I enjoy doing it. I would like other participants and hosts though, as the same few people can’t keep doing it themselves.

That being said, let’s get started.


Manuel of Well Done Fillet is writing a Restaurant Industry Dictionary, and I must say his entry on Americans is quite flattering. “Brother will fight Sister for the right to serve Americans” he says. Oh if only we felt like that about foreigners here in America….

Tony at Dine in or Take out has learned that not all guests are evil, hateful creatures. He recently served an older couple that he hopes to be like one day.

At El Vermino Blvd, we find out what happened the night the house was broken into. Was the 20% worth it? I think she’s still wondering..

Bitchy Waitress of ‘At least call me Miss…’ has made a recent study of hungry humans. The results are interesting.

bitter of has a great review of a new book, “Turning Tables”. Read the review then buy the book!

Lobster Boy went out to eat recently, and as a server, he noticed everything wrong. It happens to those of us in the industry.

Working the drive thru window with Seafood Suzy. A lesson in patience?

What is it about reservations that make people crazy? Why do people think that making reservations gives them the right to be evil? Restaurant Gal is dealing with a group that is trying to work the system to their advantage. I hate people.

I guess I’m not the only one who thinks that Christians need to re-think things, and that Jesus doesn’t solve all problems. Ryan at I serve idiots has his own opinions on the matter, and I really respect his opinions. Read, and be warned, he might piss some of you off as bad as I do, and that’s a good thing!

Finally, here at Raging Server, I caused a bit of controversy in telling people about the Old Man and the T-shirt. I still say that we were in the right in kicking the old guy out, and that the wearer of the T-Shirt in question wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s free country after all, and where I work is 18 and up unless there’s adults to supervise the kids. Old man had no right whining about a shirt, especially when there was no kid with him to whine about.

Come back next week, for more of the Round Table. If all goes right, it will be hosted at I Serve Idiots.



One thought on “Round Table vol. 19

  1. I really like your writing and really enjoy this site pretty much all the time. The only thing that niggles at me is that the wearer of The Shirt ™ was obvs just practicing free speech, but you don’t seem to think the whole ‘freedom of speech, don’t be concerned about what other people think’ thing doesn’t apply to those who pray before meals. I promise I am not trying to troll, and I really enjoy reading your site, I just thought that maybe that’s an angle you hadn’t looked at that particular situation in. Just sayin’, as it were. 🙂

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