Poll Results, Ghetto Names of the Week (4/25)

I must say, this poll has been a quite successful one for being started a day and a half later than normal. There were some heated tempers, and some very passionately hateful e-mails sent to my account. More e-mails than votes on the poll, so some of the messages I got were from non-voters. I have to say, even with all the no votes, if you add up all the yes votes on here, the yes votes won out by a long shot. At any rate, here are the results:

Do you think T-Shirts and other clothes with


5 thoughts on “Poll Results, Ghetto Names of the Week (4/25)

  1. I know that a lot of you think that the First Amendment only protects free speech in certain places, and not in privately owned establishments

    It has nothing to do with opinion; it is objective fact that the First Amendment only protects people against government regulation of speech.

  2. I think the tshirt is acceptable, but I did ask a table to calm down their language the other night at work. The table was friends of the other waitress and seated next to a table of mine that had a well behaved five year old. I don’t care for kids, but had to say something when the vulgar table was shouting swear words like they had tourettes. They told me that the parents shouldn’t have brought their goddamned kids there (to a family friendly place) and that if I didn’t like it I should find another job. It was around 8:30. Some people are idiots, and these idiots caused my table to leave before they were finished with their food.

  3. To be honest, I have to agree with Mike: restauranteurs should be able to do as they damn well please on privately owned property. It sickens me that our city is able to tell the proprietors of my restaurant whether or not patrons can smoke on our patio… ridiculous.

  4. 2 more ghetto names for you…..I work in a pharmacy and a lady handed me a Medicaid card for her twins….
    LemonJ’ello and GreenJ’ello she said thats what she craved while pregnant.

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