Rumors Abound…I feel like I’m back in middle school

Once again, the Ribeye is involved in drama at work.

Last week, during a conversation with a couple of other employees, we got onto the topic of underage drinkers.


7 thoughts on “Rumors Abound…I feel like I’m back in middle school

  1. The fact that you’re laughing about it is probably pissing him off more than anything else you could do to him. His so called “revenge” has already fallen flat because no one really believes it.

    However, morons have the tendency to spiral things like this out of control, so while it might not be bad now, he might escalate this whole situation to a REALLY uncomfortable level. I would watch out.

    Good luck Ribeye, I really enjoy your posts.

  2. I’d probably have a button made that had a picture of a waitress holding a plate of English peas saying across the bottom “I have her peas” not say a word and just wear it one day.

  3. Nothing. Unless you want to bring his other work-related deficiencies to your manager’s attention. It sounds like this character engages in a lot of behavior that should get him fired. He’ll find his way out of your restaurant sooner or later (unless your management is willing to tolerate his bullshit).

  4. Do you have any lawyer friends? It would be all kinds of fun to have lawyer friend write a letter threatening suit and financial ruination with copies to everyone important to this moron. Copies wouldn’t go anywhere, of course, but it would be loads of fun to watch him sweat. Suit can be made to go away with written apologies to everyone working at the restaurant, including the manager. Make him ‘fess up very publicly.

  5. Hey Ribeye! If I were you, I would just simply do exactly what you’re doing now…ignore it. Is it really worth the energy and hassle it would take? You’re punishing him enough by laughing at his stupid ass instead of reacting in a volatile manner, which is what he’s probably hoping you’ll do. Ignore him. All that will do is just remind him how insignificant he is, which is probably the best revenge of all. BTW, I’ve been a reader for a long time and I LOVE your blog. I just started one of my own (and yes you are on my blogroll!)

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