Kurds don’t tip…

I have had another exhausting day today…another double shift.


7 thoughts on “Kurds don’t tip…

  1. You should switch sections with another server on a night when you know they are going to come in. Maybe you can all take turns in dealing with these lame customers.

  2. this is probably a post mosque activity-you should approach one of the older men if any attend this function and explain to him if this particular subset continues to mistreat you that you will have no choice to refuse to serve them. Or if you want max drama just let it slip you are gay -they will really freak over that.

    I once contacted a high school about their FFA group I waited on. I live in a city that holds I think its the 3rd or 4th largest livestock show (think over blown county fair) and was waiting in a well known steakhouse.

    I wait on 8-10 students and their AG teacher for lunch and drop their check. They got good service and as a former officer in 4-H and FFA plus having showed at this livestock show about 8 years I could speak their langauge which being from a small rural community is a wee bit different than city speak.

    I notice the kids putting in small bills for their meal and the teacher gathers them up and trades them for 100s and 20s of his own. The tip was a double handful of change mainly pennies well below 10%. The FFA jacket lists their town or school name on the bottom so I knew where they were from.

    I did some google searching for their school superintendent’s name. I dropped him a nice letter explaining how much they spent, how much they tipped, how little was left over posts tip share ($2-3), how much I paid in taxes from the remaining $2-3.

    I explained that I didnt think he would want his fellow residents and in particular his employee’s lack of generousity and respect to color my opinion of their town. I also mentioned servers were notorious for retelling of such horror tables to others.

    ABout a week later I got a apology letter from the Ag teacher and a check on the FFA account more than covering a 20% tip.

  3. FoodService, I wish that I had your nerve! Congratulations on your well put note and may I thank you for standing up for all servers. You rock!

  4. to my brother in food service in the uber cold north

    I normally wouldnt have done anything BUT as a former 4-H/FFA officer their behavior wasnt kosher and from my observation it was the ag teacher at least approving of it if not teaching them to abuse servers. Mind you I was probably the treat restaurant of their visit in town -a lunch steak ran $12-20 bucks.

    Beside this place was one of those loser restaurants which kept all your credit cards for the week and gave you a paycheck for them at the end of the next week-I wasnt too concerned about getting fired. I noticed they had a job ad in the paper calling them an American Continental place which is a roit since it is a decades old well known quirky steakhouse with 3 rooms with in room steak grills -menu items get made back in the actual kitchen.

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