Stupidity and Intelligence, and an Embarrassed Ribeye, all in one double!

I worked another double shift today (Sunday 5/4).


5 thoughts on “Stupidity and Intelligence, and an Embarrassed Ribeye, all in one double!

  1. It sounds like the dining room is the place to be in your restaurant. But had you stayed there all night you would have missed hearing someone call Alfredo “sketty sauce”! That was priceless!

  2. Great post 🙂 I am new to serving and really enjoy reading your blog.
    Thanks and I hope you have many more good days

  3. Hey Ribey! Love your blog! As much as I love to hear about the humorous outtakes of your days, this was great to hear about sometimes our jobs of servers can really be nice and make us feel great!
    I wish you many more shifts like these!
    Congrats, and Have an AWESOME ONE!
    PST! Thanks for the Site!

  4. You are the reason that I joined the fourum that you also happen to frequent!!! I have experiences similar to yours with ghetto clientele during my bar rushes. The quote that made me laugh the hardest…”Fuck if I care about a Crip, I only care about a tip.” I will laugh through my shift tonight because of you. ^_^ ❤

  5. and sometimes we have good nights. It’s tables like that little girl you had that remind me why I do this job.

    Thanks for your blog, btw. I told everyone at work, and now we post some of the best on the corkboard in the employee’s room just so we can get a laugh at work!

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