Poll Results, Ghetto Names of the Week (5/9)

Hey everyone! Not much posting this week either, much like last week. I promise that will change, been working on some stuff, and as of today I now have a 2nd job for the day shifts which I start on Tuesday morning. I’ll still be serving, just doing this also.

This weeks poll was on the “phenomenon” known as American Idol. From what I can see, more of my readers than not don’t enjoy it or even watch it. That’s saying something. That’s telling me the numbers are inflated by FOX, and that doesn’t surprise me in the lease. Here are the results:

  • I don

10 thoughts on “Poll Results, Ghetto Names of the Week (5/9)

  1. ok Raging you cant claim just because your readers did NOT like Idol (dont get me wrong the only possible reasons to watch I can think of is to get off on Simon being a dick to the singers or to see what Paula will say next in an incoherent rant). The reason you cant say that is because your readers are a self selected same of Americans-you dont even know if they watch TV at all. You need a “random” sample of American tv watchers to be able to make that claim. You also need to have a much larger number of voters.

    Their is a still debate on how correct the numbers generated by Neilson for tv ratings. Specifially how they decide who gets the box in their house that records what they watch. Tivo could probably produce a lot better numbers esp since millionj like me watch TV well after it aired since Im serving food at air time.

  2. Are shows that are Tvoed or taped count in the Nielson ratings? Pray tell, what is your second job, Ribeye? Are you at the same place or have you moved on to another level of serving hell?

  3. I don’t know why people give their kids ridiculous names stamping “Loser” on their forehead for the rest of their lives. We have a “Dusktodawn” here.

  4. Raging,
    Since you have you ghetto names, I thought I’d share one that one of my co-workers just told me about. Her son is a bus driver for one of the school districts in our town and he has a kid on his bus named….wait for it now…Abcde. They pronounce it Absidy. But seriously. the kid’s name is spelled with the first 5 letters of the alphabet. I thought you would enjoy that.

  5. Maybe sometime you might add hippy names in? Last week I had a set of twins named Lilly Sunflower and Sunshine Dream.

    No fooling, and they were pretty young things, I wonder what they told everyone when they got that “Oh really?” look.

  6. Hay, I love your blog. I do have to tell you though that Fibro is real. My mother has it. She has been to doctors for years with no clue as to what as wrong with her. Finally, one smart individual put all the symptoms together, (funny how they love to prescribe a ton of pills for every little thing, but never put the things together to really find out whats going on.) She was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia with Costocondritis. Painful, yes. Fake, no. Now I have to go to the doctor because it is passed more often between female reletives genetically. I have to get checked every couple of years to keep tabs on whether I may be having it or not. Your manager friend sounds like a faker, but don’t take out your disdain for him on the people who really have it. Oh and I do agree with your assesment that some doctors have lazy diagnosis syndrome. They just write off people who are pill shopping and lump them in with the really ill people.

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