Who’s The Raging Server?

All about the ‘Raging Server’, aka, the Ribeye of your Dreams!

I’m 26, live in Nashville, and work at a sports bar/restaurant, where I deal with all the stupidity of Nashville clumped into one place.


8 thoughts on “Who’s The Raging Server?

  1. You’ve opened my eyes on things I didn’t realize – I hope I’m doing the same in pharmacy….

    I now tip 25-30% for excellent service and 20% for par. Subpar gets 20% too, but I tell them what was subpar…then come back and try again! 🙂

  2. I’m having the most spectacularly shitty day today, from my friend who was going to take me to prom jilting me to today being the 5th day in a row I’ve worked (and having had to work on both my days off!).

    I’m still pissed and upset, but your website totally made me feel better (and laugh). Thanks!

  3. Oh, Ribeye darling, I love you!

    I found this sight a few nights ago and it’s been a pretty shitastic week, but I have come home the last few nights and read your postings and god I just cant help but laugh.

    Thanks for not makeing me hang up my apron for good.

  4. all i have to say is. . . “excuse me, ma’m, but do you think you could find her a coaster!” i should have told her to use that busted hair weave. . .

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