Round Table, vol. 3 is coming Monday

It’s back, after the holiday hiatus. Round Table vol. 3 will be hosted this coming Monday, January 7th, by the great and wonderful….

will work for tips

If you want to get in a submission, go to his page and leave him a comment, or you can always send it to me and I’ll send it to him, just visit the Contact link at the top of my page. Otherwise, you’ll probably get one of your posts picked for you. I believe, unless something has changed and I’ll correct if it has, that the theme for this week will be Holiday Horror Stories.

Get your posts ready everyone, Round Table has returned!

On another note, I’ve gotten more RagingServer pens in, and RagingPartner and I are working on a new fun idea for them. Here’s what the new ones look like:


And because she was so cute a minute ago, another of the Raging Kitty, Skitzo: