Found A Pen?

Did you find a Raging Server Ink Pen ? They’re turning up everywhere, in the most unexpected places – so you never know where one will be. Is the person in line in front of you using one? How about on the checkout counter at the supermarket? Maybe your server is even carrying one, or left one with your check! Let the world know!

REMINDER: Just because a server is using a ink pen (or leaves one for you) certainly does not imply that they are ‘The Raging Server’, author of this blog, or even that the Raging Server works at that particular establishment. Due to the overwhelming popularity of both the pens & this site, they’re turning up at restaurants all over the southeast so far.

Add a comment below to let the world know where you’re from, where you found the pen, or anything else that you want to say, related to the Raging Server pens! At the very least, please include your location in the world, and how you acquired the pen. There might even be a prize or two for someone that ends up with one that’s a long way from home!
If you’d like to take a photo of yourself with your newfound pen, email it to !


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