RoundTable: Service Industry Blog Carnival

RoundTable - Service Industry Blog Carnival

Welcome to the home of RoundTable! – a Service Industry Blog Carnival.

Each week the best posts are featured from all around the Service Industry Blogosphere. Each week a new person also hosts the carnival. Not sure what a blog carnival is? -here’s some info on them

Think of RoundTable as a magazine, of sorts. It’s published weekly – and contains the highlights & links from the absolute best posts from Service Industry Related blogs from all around the globe. You can read RoundTable every week on any participating blog, including here on, the founding site.

So, are you ready to participate? It’s super easy! If you’d like to sign-up to be the host for RoundTable for an upcoming week, simply email Ribeye using the “Contact Me” link at the top of this page. For more information there is also a RoundTable email discussion list where you can get updates, ask questions, or get involved – Click Here for the Email Discussion List for RoundTable – Anyone interested in hosting or being a part of should click the link and signup for the email list as this is where weekly information will be updated and questions answered.

Remember, RoundTable is just getting started – so any way you want to get involved, help out, or give some feedback, is greatly appreciated!

Who’s Part of the RoundTable Blog Carnival?

at least call me miss dine in or take out

dont tip the waiter el vermino blvd

half server half amazing well done fillet

will work for tips

[Awesome Logos designed by the ‘Raging Partner’ – Thanks!]


    Edition 13, week of 3/11: Here at
    Edition 14, week of 3/18: The Seafood Department
    Edition 15, week of 3/24: El Vermino Boulevard
    Edition 16, week of 4/1:
    Edition 17, week of 4/8: At least call me “Miss”….
    Edition 18, week of 4/15: Restaurant Gal
    Edition 19, week of 4/21: 1/2 Server, 1/2 Amazing
    Edition 20, week of 4/28: I Serve Idiots
    Edition 21, week of 5/5: Upset Waitress
    Edition 22, week of 5/12: Don’t Tip the Waiter
    Edition 23, week of 5/19:
    Edition 24, week of 5/26: Dine in or Take out
    Edition 25, week of 6/3: Well Done Fillet

Are You A Host? Here’s the proper code & formatting to embed the opening logo & linkage in your post:

If you want to use your own image, you can use the same code shown below by simply changing the image address within the “img src” bracket.

<a href=”insert your link address here”><img src=”; border=”0″ /></a>


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