Hosting The RoundTable Blog Carnvial

RoundTable - Service Industry Blog Carnival

Here’s a quick and easy reference for anyone hosting the RoundTable Service Industry Blog Carnival. Since the RoundTable is a community endeavor, these are by no means set in stone, but merely guidelines and suggestions. If you have ideas, tips, or updates for this page, please use the contact link above to send Ribeye an email.

Tips & Guidelines:

  • RoundTable is published on a weekly basis, and is the host is usually scheduled a few weeks in advance. If you’d like to volunteer to host for an upcoming week, simply fill out this form – be sure to include any particular weeks that you are available/unavailable if you’ve got a vacation or something coming up soon!
  • There is a group email list here. If you’re a host, or even considering hosting, please join the email discussion group for important updates, discussion, and other relevant information. Anything sent to the list address is automatically distributed to everyone on the list.
  • Since this is a brand new project, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a factor. We want to make sure we’re getting the RoundTable high in the search results for several keyphrases. This benefits us all as it’s featured on a different blog weekly. For this reason, here are some suggestions for how to word your links when linking to the RoundTable posts and info pages:
     RoundTable: Service Industry Blog Carnival

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