How-To for Blogger/Blogspot

How-To for Hosting the RoundTable Blog Carnival on Blogger/Blogspot:

After a few requests, here is a “How-To” for inserting the RoundTable logo & Header into your blog post for Google’s BlogSpot/Blogger for the Weekly Editions. There are many different ways to achieve this, but below is the most simple way, and is guaranteed to work and was current as of the time of posting. You’re always free to be creative in how you host the carnival, and the style you do it in, so this is just a suggestion and the original way, so feel free to get as creative as you want and you can adapt these instructions to your needs!

(1) After you’ve started a new post, click on the “Add Image” link to insert the RoundTable Logo at the top of your post. You can choose to use the standard logo as hosted on or create your own if you are the creative type, or have a special theme you’d like to use a custom logo with. If you do create a custom logo, you can send an email to or so that the image can be uploaded to the RagingServer/RoundTable server for others to use in the future, or just for a permanent place to host your image.

RT Blogger HowTo 1

(2) After you’ve clicked “Add Image” a new window will open, giving you a lot of different options for the new image. Fill in the part for “Or add an image from the web” on the right hand side. The correct location for the image logo is:

To make it easier you can copy & paste the link above into the box. For the image size, you can select ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ although this really won’t have much affect in our case. For the Layout you can choose ‘Left, Center, or Right’ – whichever one works the best for your particular blog and post. Once all of the options are to your liking, click on ‘Upload Image’ and you will be taken back to your blog post.

RT Blogger HowTo 2

(3) You will now see the image in your post edit box, and it’s time to make it into a hyperlink so that it’s clickable. When clicked, the banner should take you to the RoundTable: Service Industry Blog Carnival Information Page, hosted at . Click on the image in the edit box to select it, then click on the ‘Make Hyperlink” button (just to the right of the text color button)…

RT Blogger HowTo 3

(4) A Pop-Up will appear for you to fill in the link address. The correct link location is:

RT Blogger HowTo 4

(5) Click “OK” and you’re all done, Congrats! Now you’re free to host the weekly carnival as you wish. Below is simply one method of introducing the carnival, showing the edition, date, etc… you can use the standard format below, or create your own – that’s part of what makes blog carnivals so unique & creative. No matter how you do it though, you should always include the carnival name/description, and Edition/Volume & Date of Publication.

RT Blogger HowTo 5

(6) The image below is simply the ‘Edit HTML’ or ‘code view’ of the above post. You can use it for reference in case something got mixed up, but other than that, it you’re all done.

RT Blogger HowTo 6

If you have questions, or need more

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