“An Embarrassing Thanksgiving” submitted by Mary. 4/25/08

This was sent to me after Thanksgiving in 07, and I saved it for when I got this page up and running, hence the “yesterday” at the beginning.

“Yesterday my husband and I went to a T’giving Day buffet with his mother and Jake her husband. Jake is kind of an old-school blowhard, but he has a good heart and over the past couple of decades I’ve come to love him dearly. Yesterday I had a hard time feeling very loving. I wanted to slap the shit out of him, but there wouldn


2 thoughts on ““An Embarrassing Thanksgiving” submitted by Mary. 4/25/08

  1. “Jake” must be related to my MIL. Nothing is EVER good enough for that woman, especially if she thinks she can get something for free out of bitching and complaining.

    I feel your pain, sister!

  2. I truly believe that a lot of folks go into a restaurant with the intention of raising enough hell to get a free meal. My son was the expo guy at a local, fairly upscale restaurant. He said that most of the offenders were older people who clearly had the funds to pay for their meals. This would be true as that restaurant caters to folks who live in a seaside golfing community. It’s really a shame that folks can’t behave with manners and decency.
    We would NEVER stiff a server, either. On the rare occasion that we go to our local Mexican restaurant, our regular waitress lets it be known that she is to be our server- probably because we tip between 30% and 40% all of the time.

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