“Damned if ya do” submitted by Beth. 4/30/08

Ok here is a true story, one that I will never forget….It is a sunday afternoon (and NOONE wants to work that shift because of our ghetto fab customers, they really seem to enjoy coming in on sundays!) My manager tells me we are out of ribs and chicken wings …ok…I get double sat…one white 2 top and 3 top black family…mom, dad and a daughter….So I go to the 2 top first and before I can tell them what we are out of they stop me and tell me that they just want soup and salad…ok..next I go to greet my family 3 top…tell them what we are out of…ok no problem…big smiles…they order…everything is lovely, food is excellent, they are happy…I make sure their drinks are full, get tons of thank you’s….they pay the bill and leave…I am busy as my manager stops me and says “I need to talk to you for a minute” Ok. He says :That table felt that you were being racist by not infoming your white table that we were out of wings and ribs yet you told them that right away!” I was stunned! I explained the situation and he was cool with that then I go over to pick up the credit card slip the 3 top left me and there is a coaster inside it (with the signed cc slip…tip 0) that said:Here is your tip:Not all black people eat only ribs or wings! My manager fell over laughing…He asked me if he could hang it up in his office….Meanwhile on the other side of the restaurant another server failed to inform her black 2 top what we were out of that day…The female guest sent her away and told her to come back in 10 minutes …she did and ordered the wings…hot….only to be told we were out….OMG….The yelling and screaming…:What the hell, I just spent 10 minutes deciding on what I want for dinner and you don’t have it????????????” The poor server was pregnant at the time and ready to cry….So the moral is this:Be damned if you do and be damned if you don’t!Get in trouble regardless…..I don’t work there any more, thank God for my new job, I actually get to wait on normal, decent people since the place is out of the ghetto highway. The black people I wait on now have class and know how to tip.


One thought on ““Damned if ya do” submitted by Beth. 4/30/08

  1. hahaha, ok, that’s actually pretty funny.

    i can just imagine the black family talking to one another once you left the table: “what the hell? this white bitch thinks all we eat is ribs and wings??!”

    i can see where they are coming from, although they were a little sensitive about, miscommunication can be a bitch sometimes. just shrug it off. i hope you let your manager keep that receipt though, that is golden.

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