“Little League Losers” submitted by Sherry. 4/28/08

I hate, absolutely HATE big parties. I especially hate parties with ball players. We are the softball capital of the US? World? Who knows but they come in droves to our newly renovated softball fields.

Yesterday unfortunately I had to wait on a group of 25 consisting of Little League players, moms, dads and siblings. Oh and one assholey Coach from hell.

The group was split into 2 sections of tables. I had the group of dads, half moms and one assholey coach from Hell. Another server had other half of moms and all the kids.

When I began taking their orders, I stressed that if they wanted their checks to be correct changing seats was not recommended. I was very polite about it.

I begin taking orders. One assholey coach from hell wants meatloaf. We are out. He is very angry. I’m sorry but what can I do? He then orders stew. Would you like a side with that? Nope. Just the stew. I get almost through with their order and he pipes in. Oh, I want the coleslaw that comes with that. Sir, I asked if you wanted a side. IT SAYS IN MENU IT COMES WITH A SIDE. Sir the stew is in 3 locations on the menu. Alone, with one side and with 2 sides. That is why I asked if you wanted one. You are on notice young lady and your tip just dropped.Everyone at the table busted out laughing. Excuse me? You are going to lessen my tip because I am trying to get your order correct? Ok then.

I ran back to kitchen and then cried. This is rare for me because well I’m one tough bitch. Why are people such assholes?

Oh and trying to divide the check up was a nightmare. I’m a senior server and know how to split it. The other server did not. So I got to divy up the check. Everyone said everything was fine. Later on I noticed 2 open checks. 2 sets of parents had their kids meals taken off saying it wasn’t their child’s. Thieves and lairs. Oh and cheapskates. They left $22.00 on a $200.00 check which had to be split 50/50. So I got $11.00 for almost 2 hours of work which took all my tables.

I refuse to take anymore of these assholes and their big ass parties. Give me 2 tops all day long.


One thought on ““Little League Losers” submitted by Sherry. 4/28/08

  1. Those teams are the worst. The kids sit with the kids and adults with adults and then they expect you to figure out who goes with who. Unfortunately, where I work we can’t refuse tables. I found that the best solution is to take a last name and put it on your soft copy. That way you can ask who is with the Smith party before they order and at least have some way to figure out the checks. When I bring the checks, I simply call out the name. If there is a question about the check, I can ask which of the kids should be on it and if there is an extra you can easily solve it. BTW, that coach was a jerk to you!

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