“Loyalty to Co-Workers” submitted by George. 4/26/08

Recently one of the franchising partners of a Pizza store that i was involved in (different from another one where i was a management consideration) decided to degrade a couple members of the staff. The final straw came Monday morning (4/21) when my best friend Kevin E. calls me at work to say he quit. When asked why he said cause they wouldn’t give him time off for his kids being sick and the Franchising partner called him a piece of shit. Thus causing the store to lose an entire shift of people because Kevin E. was so well liked that they couldn’t and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. I quit as well cause Kevin and I had worked at another store previously and was asked to join his staff at this one and had basically said if one quits the other will quit too cause it’s not worth anything having to deal with bullshit.


One thought on ““Loyalty to Co-Workers” submitted by George. 4/26/08

  1. My oldest child, my niece, my son-in-law and my nephew all work in the food service business. I am your best friend. But I have walked out of two places in my life and one of them was…a restaurant in the chain my kids work in! My little kid and I walked into the local branch at 1:28…I know, I was watching the clock for school pick-up. At 1:58, we were walking IN the restaurant next door because, after being seated at our kid’s restaurant, NO ONE SPOKE TO US AGAIN. No water. So set-ups. Not even an acknowledgement. And there were only three occupied tables in the place. I KNOW things happen but…sometimes the customer doesn’t have a choice.

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