Kurds don’t tip…

I have had another exhausting day today…another double shift.


Just some pet peeves I’m throwing out there.

Another of my “Things to do and not to do” series tonight, mainly because I’m tired and as such my brain just isn’t working correctly right now.

Some things you should NOT say to your server

I’ve been thinking about some of these things for a while, and tonight just seemed like the night to post the list. Here are some things that you should just not say to your server when you’re out eating, either because it’s going to piss them off or because it’s just plain rude and makes you seem like a worthless piece of excrement.

“You missed a spot.”

Don’t give handjobs in the booth

Welcome to my 150th post here on RagingServer.com!!!celebration1.png

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d make it to this post, and without you it just wouldn’t have been possible.

Sharece Thomas, the YouTube non-tipping trash, strikes again

Only this time, it’s nothing about tipping so much as us all being racist, and daring us to spit in her food. You can see my comments if you actually visit the page for the video posted below. Basically, it says that most black people with the exception of the ghetto are embarrassed by people like her, and that because of her showing her ass (publicly and figuratively) no server in their right mind is going to willingly serve her, and most management is going to back up the server in fear of losing close to 200 dollars because she’ll play the race card. I know the talk that’s gone around in Nashville restaurants, people know her face, servers and managers alike. I know of managers who would ask her to leave just on the basis of that video and the fear that she would besmirch their restaurant over nothing. I still don’t believe the server actually followed her out over the tip, that rarely happens anymore, and the server is usually fired on the spot when it does.

Raging Racist?

A recent post on the BitterWaitress.net forums inspired me to make this post, and I’m sure it’s going to make me pretty unpopular for a while.

Wrong again. I got a comment on the Women can be so dramatic sometimes post saying that I was a “racist pig”. I get e-mails on a daily basis saying that I’m “evil racist slime” and “I wouldn’t spit on your cracker ass if I were on fire”. I don’t know how many ways to say this, but I AM NOT A RACIST! Yes, I dislike certain portions of different racial groups, and you all know that I’ve lumped those groups into one group, the Entitlement Junkies.

Yes, this might be a bit callous, but after serving these different people for so long, I’ve learned the hard way that Entitlement Junkies just don’t tip, and they treat servers like shit. If you think that makes me a racist, then you can stop reading this blog right now. Sorry to offend you, but that’s just how I feel.

If some of you haven’t noticed, I’ve never once used a racial slur on this page, and I never will. I don’t agree with using it, and if you think the words “ghetto trash” are a racial slur, then you also can stop reading this blog right now. I’ve said it time and time again, I don’t have a problem with all black people. I have a problem with the dregs of the black race, the ones that come in with either their pants hanging down their asses, weave four feet on top of their heads, ebonics so thick that I can barely translate it, etc. I have a problem with black tables that are so demanding that I spend more time with them than any other table in my section, therefore losing tips on other tables for a table that I’m not going to get tipped on anyway. I get tired of doing nothing wrong, giving exceptional service, and getting no tip. I’m tired of people assuming that I fucked up their order on purpose, when it was the fault of the kitchen, pulling the fucking race card, and leaving me no tip. I get tired of ghetto hoochie mommas that let their vast numbers of crotch spawn run around like dogs doing whatever the hell they want with no discipline whatsoever, and then yelling at me because I ask them to keep their kids under control. I get tired of being disrespected because I go to a table happy and in a good mood, and serve them just like I serve anyfuckingbody else.

What I don’t get tired of, are my black guests that are my regulars. The ones that are respectful, that talk to me and laugh with me. I don’t get tired of hearing how they hate the ghetto trash that I talk about. I don’t get tired of hearing how embarrassed they are with how their brethren act out in public. They don’t like to be lumped together into a group with the trash, and I don’t lump them together with the trash.

Black servers hate serving black tables. Black servers think they have a right to give substandard service to black tables, whether they are trash or not. They know the drill, only they don’t care if it’s a table that’s trash or a table that’s not. They get away with treating their black tables like this, yet if a white server treats a ghetto table (not a table of non-trash black people) perfectly, with no change in attitude, they are stiffed and usually end up with a ticket full of comps and complaints to the manager.

I have a ton of black friends. I get along great with the kitchen, that is primarily black men. They know I’m gay, and they know my feelings on ghetto tables. They know that me, along with other white servers don’t hate all black people. They know that we only hate those that come in with a chip on their shoulder against us and those that come in expecting to get something for free. We have lots of black servers that work where I do. One of my best friends, who just moved to Kentucky, is a black girl that could regularly be heard in the break room yelling “I HATE black people!” and on one particularly bad night after serving a group of extremely ghetto guys and girls that took the time to puke in a bowl and leave it on her table and spit in her menu, “God as my witness, I’ll never wait on another mother fucking nigga!” while holding a spot sweeping broom into the air, then throwing it across the room.

I have news for anyone who thinks that I’m racist. I love waiting tables, it doesn’t matter who it is. I don’t like being called “white boy” at the table, and I don’t like that some black tables insist on trying out 4 different alcoholic drinks before settling on a water with lemon.

Once again, I’ll also tell you about my first regulars. A black couple who comes in with their well behaved kids. They were the first couple I waited on when I got onto the floor, and they come in every week to see me. The wife sits at the table with me and listens to the gossip of the place, and loves hearing my stories about the ghetto trash I have to wait on. They tip great every time they come in, because I treat them just like anyone else I wait on. I don’t give them special treatment, save for getting them a free dessert for the kids sometimes, and that’s on my dime because I enjoy them coming in to see me. I couldn’t give a shit if they tipped or not to be honest with you, I enjoy it when they come in. I enjoy talking to them, because they are my friends. They have been coming to see me a little over a year now, and they have no plans to stop coming to see me. When one of their kids had appendecitus, the mother came in to let me know that they’d be back next week. I told them I’d buy them dinner, seeing as they were about to have a ton of medical bills for surgery. They came in the next week, and asked me for their check before I let them know that I’d already paid for their bill OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! They are good friends of mine, and they know that I’m not a racist, so I would appreciate it if you’d all stop judging me based on my feelings for the fucking ghetto trash I have to wait on. I know not all black people are like that trash, and I don’t prejudge anymore. I wait until after I meet the table before I decide the way it’s going to go, and even then I still give exceptional service until I am disrespected.

Just had to get that rant off of my chest.