Assault by T-Shirt

Yes, you saw it here first.

This is the tale of two men, a little girl, a manager, and a helpless server caught in the middle.

Your very own Ribeye was standing at the Micros, putting in an order when suddenly, this semi-tall weird looking man in his late 40’s comes running up to the bar, yelling at the top of his lungs, “HEY, HEY!


Sorority Girls…aka…sorostitutes..are evil

Let me preface this by saying: I fucking hate serving ditzy assed females. I hate serving ditzy assed bitchy females. I hate serving ditzy assed bitchy young females.
EDIT: I’d also like to add: I know that not all sorority girls are like the ones I will describe here.

The RagingSister has been robbed

My sister and one of our friends decided to come see me at work tonight, play some games and have a couple of drinks. I was happy, because I like it when my sister comes to see me at work. They were out playing games, after their food and drink. While she was playing a game, some dark blond head (maybe very light brown head) trashy slut whore crack head bitch walked by and casually grabbed her Dooney and Burke (sp) purse that she got for Christmas. This purse has her check book, check card, license, pictures and her fucking insulin.

Before the cards were canceled, this fucking bitch had already used at least 50 bucks at the gas station, and I hope she used it outside else some clerks are gonna get it, it has her picture on the card. She also used it at a Kroger, and some other place.

I sent a text to RagingSisters phone to see if thieving bitch would reply. It was from a friends phone. It said “My sisters insulin was in the purse you stole, and she needs it very bad. Please bring back the fucking purse.” The response? “We’ll bring it back for the PIN number.”

Police report has been filed and tomorrow we’re going after video. I’m gonna find this bitch and my sister, the black belt that she is, is going to end up in jail when she beats the piss out of the bitch.

If anyone in the Nashville (Donelson, Hermitage, Madison, Rivergate) area sees a dark blond/light brown haired female, kind of skinny, ghetto, white, carrying a dark blue DnB purse with D&B printed all over it in tan lettering, contact me at